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The Continuing Evolution of Social Media for Business

There was an interesting article in Destination CRM this week. Basically it confirms the facts that there is a rise in companies in the United States using social media as a means to get new business. The facts are as … Continue reading

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Small Businessman’s Alert: Airline Rate Hikes Soar as Customer Service Plummets

Any small business owner who travels for their company has felt the pinch over the last year or more of the rapidly increasing airfare rates, coupled with the now expected baggage fees. In a recent study from MarketTools, the proof … Continue reading

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CRM and Social Media: Making Progress

My recent trip to the Microsoft Convergence Conference really put into perspective where the futures of business applications are evolving towards. The most obvious two are Cloud Computing and Social Media. Realizing that residual income streams can make as much … Continue reading

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CRM and Marketing Strategy

It’s been discussed how a current customer relationship management system, CRM, can effectively allow the creation of a target market segmentation as the first step of a small business marketing strategy. This segmentation answers the WHO aspect of building a … Continue reading

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