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Getting Ready for the Fall

I have been busy this summer planning the next few months of business development and just completed an article on my other blog for MarketSimplicity about planning. You can read this at http://www.marketsimplicity.wordpress.com so in keeping with the spirit of … Continue reading

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CRM and Small Business Marketing: It’s a Progressive Relationship

Your business relies on your return-customer base even more than it does your new clientele. The fact is, return clients are more apt to make purchases and turn to your brand for their needs. With this in mind, your CRM … Continue reading

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Take Control of your Daily Operations to Bring Back the American Manufacturing Sector

With all the conversation going on about a potential return to strength for the US Manufacturing industry, I found a point of contention and formed a rebuttal to a post by Thomas C. Gibson of Kennett Square, Pa., a retiree … Continue reading

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Conflict: Motivator or Distraction to Business Operations?

Conflict is defined as, “actual or perceived opposition of needs, values and interests”. The question here   is conflict good for your business? If it results in change that improves the business operations then yes it is. Too many companies try … Continue reading

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Failure – The Key Stepping Stone to Success

Part of the service we offer our clients is that of business fitness coach. When meeting with many companies, it’s often necessary to guide business owners back to the goals of their business, and away from the distractions that may undermine … Continue reading

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