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Microsoft Dynamics 365 and what it can do for your business

There has been a lot of noise in the news lately about Microsoft Office 365 and the cloud but how does this impact you and your business and why should you be planning for the future direction of the business … Continue reading

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Microsoft CRM 2013 – Get More Customers. Keep More Customers and Make More Money!

Attracting, winning, and retaining customers is the foundation for success. Thriving businesses find new and innovative channels to attract prospects, execute sales processes to win deals faster, and deliver world-class customer experiences to maximize customer loyalty. Learn about the Microsoft … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for the Fall

I have been busy this summer planning the next few months of business development and just completed an article on my other blog for MarketSimplicity about planning. You can read this at http://www.marketsimplicity.wordpress.com so in keeping with the spirit of … Continue reading

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The Continuing Evolution of Social Media for Business

There was an interesting article in Destination CRM this week. Basically it confirms the facts that there is a rise in companies in the United States using social media as a means to get new business. The facts are as … Continue reading

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It’s All in Who you Know: CRM and Social Media Marketing

We’ve all heard the phrase “It’s WHO you know, not WHAT you know, that matters”, right? Well, that can apply truthfully to your business, at least when you’re talking about building your brand awareness and the leads that follow. Any … Continue reading

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CRM and Email Marketing

Your contact database in your CRM system isn’t just a list of those all-important names and numbers attached to your clients and prospects; it’s the key to launching a successful email marketing plan. As mentioned in our previous post discussing … Continue reading

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CRM and Marketing Strategy

It’s been discussed how a current customer relationship management system, CRM, can effectively allow the creation of a target market segmentation as the first step of a small business marketing strategy. This segmentation answers the WHO aspect of building a … Continue reading

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