Marketing Trends in 2013

By Brad Tornberg

As we come to the end of 2012 its time to look forward and identify some of the top trends that will dominate the landscape in the upcoming new year.

1)     Mobile marketing will surpass desktop marketing – 2012 will see the number of connected mobile users surpass the traditional desktop/laptop community. Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are no longer fad or fancy but are the tool of choice for most users looking to buy new or upgrade. This move towards mobile means that marketing methods and campaigns must be optimized for the mobile user. The messages we send should be mobile friendly and be very minimal to get the message across without needing the real estate to do so.

2)     Localization – If mobile is big then localization takes on key importance. The timing of a mobile pop up within the distance of a bricks and mortar establishment or being able to suggest within a reasonable distance a personalized message that will attract someone to a location based on their likes and preferences will become a major marketing initiative for many national companies looking to personalize their message to a local market.

3)     Visual is the new social phenomenon – We see this with Pinterest and Instagram. People prefer visual and it takes less time. After all social media speeds transactions and people want it faster and be able to “browse” is a major reason why people go to stores to begin with. Take this method and apply it towards business models and the future serves up a model for monetization of this medium.

4)     Integration and Simplicity – The tools are finally here! So how do they all work together? Businesses want a single transaction flow where possible in their lead and conversion cycle. They want to manage their marketing efforts from a single location. With the tools and options come the complexity of setup, use and monitoring. Businesses will continue to use and grow tools such as HubSpot, HootSuite, etc. to manage all of their endeavors.

5)     Listening and Filtering – This area will continue to grow as the social networks continue to expand. The noise will become louder and the challenge is to listen to only those things that are critical and important to you and your business. This will become a key marketing differentiator in being able to predict what the trends are and what customer’s pain is. Adding a personalization layer that reflects your company’s preferences will be a key tool/service offering in the upcoming year.

6)     Trust and Referral – A bigger push towards the use of video to help close business will continue since trust and referral come from the mouth of others. Video itself is a growing part of most businesses marketing strategies and will continue to grow. Areas such as referral marketing, testimonials, body of content value, relevance and reuse and repackaging will continue to grow exponentially.

7)     Recognition – That on line and traditional marketing must fuse and work together to be successful in Marketing. Creating on line campaigns to drive off line behavior is growing and companies are recognizing the important of the traditional marketing methods combined with the social media marketing can yield profitable results.

The upcoming year promises to see the up to now separation of marketing methods (on and off line) start to come synergize together as a single cohesive strategy and solution set. The trend favors a consolidation of tools with the end game being packaged solutions that combine and consolidate best of breed market solutions making today’s marketing methods more understandable and manageable for businesses. What do you think?


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Welcome to E3 Consulting. As proven experts implementing the latest CRM, ERP and Accounting Software in the Manufacturing and Distribution industries, we have made it the goal of our business to help our clients obtain the bottom line results their individual companies require. Educate, Enable and Empower For companies in the manufacturing and distribution industries, the ability to simplify their business operations is vital to their ability to succeed. E3 Consulting will provide the consultation; technology and the project management tools that companies need to improve their business processes and their bottom line. What We Do Does your company need a revamp of existing business systems? Do you have a technology project that is going beyond time and over budget? Are your costs out of control and productivity lagging? When you contact E3 Consulting, we take a hard look at the reality of your business operations and break it out into segments, to find out which aspects of your business process workflow need attention and which are working as they should be. It is our intent to look at your operations, your accounting, your workflow and your technology and create a cohesive plan that will have your business running effectively and efficiently. Our Process Every company runs differently, and it is those processes specific to your business combined with your workflow goals that give the staff at E3 Consulting the canvas we need to use our long history of business development, project management and technology to map out the path your company needs to follow to improve your bottom line. Think of your business like a lego block structure. Each block that is missing reduces the stability of your company. We can look at your overall operations and use our knowledge of the marketplace cutting-edge technologies to find the blocks that are missing from your overall business concept. We will introduce the right technology tools to improve your operations, and then continue in a project management position as necessary to ensure ongoing smooth operations. Our Experience E3 Consulting has a long and successful history of project management, business operations consultation and technology implementation and management within Manufacturing, Distribution, Service, Healthcare, Finance and Accounting businesses. Principal, Brad Tornberg, is a successful technical and business expert with an MBA in Finance from Farleigh Dickinson University and. He holds Microsoft Certifications for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) sales, implementation and training. He also has a series 6 and series 66 securities license and a New Jersey Life and Health License. He is well published having written many articles for The Practica
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